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break_therules's Journal

Fans of the Blind Bandit: 北方 托芙
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BREAK THE RULES : A Fan Community

Welcome to RIGHT HERE! You've found a place utterly, completely, and also faithfully devoted to TOPH BEI FONG, the greatest earthbender EVER. We're not kidding you. She really IS.

This brings us to rule number one [because though we like to embrace Toph's saucy attitude, there are SOME rules that must be followed and we think she'd rather appreciate the ones we have dealing with a community dedicated to her, so there].

RULE # 1: If you do NOT think Toph is the greatest earthbender EVER, it was nice of you to drop by but this is obviously not the place for you.
RULE # 2: No bashing, clearly. That goes for characters who are NOT Toph as well if they are mentioned here or there. Just because we are rather enamored with Toph does not mean we are here to hate on other characters. Got it? Good.
RULE # 3: Your posts should be TOPH-CENTRIC.....can we get a blank-faced DUH?

Duh. -_-

RULE # 4: Moving on, please LJ-CUT images larger than three icons [300 pixels wide, 100 high] and please also cut similarly large text posts (discussions, fanfiction, etc.)
RULE # 5: Fanfiction and fanart should be rated if it is PG-13 or above to warn/be courteous to others. Even Toph KNOWS manners [she just doesn't use them all the time....]
RULE # 6: INTRODUCTIONS should be made on the INTRODUCTION POST so as to keep traffic easy =D
RULE # 7: Have fun because if there's one thing Toph approves of, it's fun >D